• 06/26/2019
  • 10:45 PM
League Online News


MANILA, Philippines – Ride-hailing firm Grab Philippines said at least 15,000 drivers have been deactivated since January of this year.

Transportation Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) units that do not have provisional authorities (PAs) or certificates of public convenience (CPCs) from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) from January to May have been deactivated; with 500 drivers let go on a weekly basis.

Grab Philippines president Brian Cu said that only 5,000 drivers were deactivated out of the 8,000 drivers who were told that they will be removed by June 10.

The other 3,000 drivers were able to submit evidence to Grab that they are in the process of obtaining PAs and CPCs from LTFRB, both of which they need to secure in order to operate lawfully.

Cu also said that the company was able to determine drivers without PAs by comparing the list from LTFRB to their database.

"We were able to deactivate now on a larger scale because we received the list from the LTFRB," Cu said on Tuesday during the hearing at the LTFRB office.

He also said during the hearing that the mass deactivation was done to ensure no "colorum" vehicles are operating through their platform.

The Grab executive assured that enough drivers will be operating despite the deactivation by promoting a new incentive scheme for drivers that will operate for extra hours, covering the 'hours lost'.

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