• 05/23/2019
  • 02:57 AM
League Online News


Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo M. Año commends the Philippine National Police Counter-Intelligence Task Force (PNP-CITF) for apprehending two cops caught drinking in public at an eatery two blocks away from the PNP National Headquarters.

“We laud the PNP-CITF for arresting the two police officers spotted drinking in public. We’ve been working hard to retain public trust and confidence in the PNP organization but these two invalidate our efforts. Their behavior cannot be tolerated,” says Año.

“The act of these police officers constitutes grave misconduct punishable by dismissal from the service,” Año adds.

Last Monday, operatives of the PNP-CITF, who were tasked to conduct surveillance on public places, arrested Senior Police Officer 1 Franklin Francisco Nariz and Police Officer 3 Tristan Bardon Callao while drinking alcohol inside Korabs Canteen in Barangay Socorro, Quezon City near Camp Crame.

In January 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte personally banned police personnel from bars, nightclubs, and similar public drinking places and establishments. This includes nightclubs, beer gardens, karaoke bars, pubs, gambling dens and other similar places of vice.

“The President himself issued the directive to ban cops from drinking in public and yet these two cops had the gall to disobey the orders of the highest official of the land. Ang lakas naman ng loob ninyo,” says Año.

According to DILG Assistant Secretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya, all police officers, as enforcers of the law, must adhere to the PNP Ethical Doctrine and the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards.

Malaya says that the PNP’s rules in Section 3.1 of the PNP Ethical Doctrine are clear: Members of the police force are to uphold the highest moral standards and must not, under any circumstance, be involved in, patronize or tolerate the operations of disreputable establishments such as gambling dens, drinking places, or places devoted to vices unless they are there on official duty.

“It doesn’t matter if the police officer is on duty or not, or if he’s in uniform or plain clothes. The PNP Ethical Doctrine is clear. Policemen must not drink in bars, beer houses, karaoke bars or other similar places in view of the public,” he says.

Malaya says that this is part of the internal cleansing effort of the DILG-PNP.

The DILG Chief directs PNP Chief, P/Director General Oscar Albayalde to intensify the PNP’s internal cleansing operations to rid the ranks of rogue cops and scalawags.

“We must uphold the honor of the entire police force and weed out bad elements in the police service, including those who give the uniformed service a bad image,” says Año.

He also reminds PNP personnel to behave with discipline and in a manner worthy of their badge and challenges the police to take a step further in earning public confidence in the PNP.

“Law enforcers rely on people’s trust and respect in the conduct of operations. How can you do your jobs if our citizens fear and distrust the police? So it becomes every PNP officer’s duty to represent the organization properly,” he says.

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