• 07/18/2019
  • 01:11 PM
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The continuing anti-drug initiative of Malabon levels up with the City of Malabon Anti-Drugs Abuse Council (CMADAC) carrying out various community-based activities while in close watch of previous drug surrenderees.

Adhering to the direction of Mayor Antolin Oreta III just this August, CMADAC completed eight simultaneous drug-use verification sessions inclusive of drug-dependency examinations and drug abuse screening tests (DAST 20) in the two districts of Malabon, launched in clusters.

Of the drug offense surrenderees in 21 barangays, 608 went through the sessions voluntarily which found still 51 positive of methamphetamine-hydrochloride/shabu use and 20 still puffing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or marijuana.

The number meant that 11.7% of self-confessed drug offenders still use illegal substance, while 88.3% can be considered bordering full-rehabilitation.

One-on-one interview and initial counselling sessions with city physicians led by Dr. Remedios Sutiangso along with social workers were also essential part of the events, meant to evaluate the reintegration of said clients.

Along with verification sessions, CMADAC also visited families of surrenderees in some barangays and conducted drug-testing among public servants in barangays to add up to the city’s list of drug-cleared work places.

On the preventive side, CMADAC launched with the local Philippine National Police (PNP) two batches of seminars dubbed as “Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)” under the Family Drug Abuse Prevention Program (FDAPP) this August.

Done at Dampalit Elementary School Main and Panghulo Elementary School, said seminar was attended by grade 6 students and their parents, tackling upgrading of moral values, importance of career advancements, condemnation of vices, and other inputs.

CMADAC Action Officer Vrix John T. Sarmiento said that DARE and FDAPP are ongoing activities focused on all public elementary schools in the city fast-tracking this month onwards.

Meanwhile, drug offenders who will maintain negative drug-use result this coming months shall be certified as fully rehabilitated and may be entitled to various privileges as tech-voc scholarship and livelihood grants.

The motivated response of Malabonian to the continuing anti-illegal drugs proliferation of Mayor Oreta also observed in the 87.3% full rehabilitation update, is living testimony to the success of said campaign towards a drug-cleared Malabon. (MALABON PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICE)

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