• 07/19/2019
  • 10:30 PM
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MANILA — After burning the Chinese flag in Intramuros 2015, Presidential Nuisance Candidate Atty. Ely Pamatong is again in deep trouble. This time for the act of burning the Malaysian flag. Malaysian government through the Philippine embassy in Kuala Lumpur sought corrective action from Manila to look into the matter.

Ely Pamatong, who describes himself as the leader of the United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East, earned notoriety for scattering hundreds of steel spikes along major roads in Metro Manila in 2004. 

On Friday, Kuala Lumpur condemned and described as "extremely controversial" Pamatong's act.

Malaysia's Foreign Ministry called for a "stern action" against the lawyer and to ensure that such incident does not recur to avoid potentially tarnishing ties between the two nations.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila is currently looking into the matter and shall deal with it accordingly. The Embassy does not condone the incident and deeply regrets that the incident has offended the feelings of Malaysians," Ambassador to Malaysia Charles Jose said in a statement

It reiterated that the Philippines is "firmly committed to the development of the excellent bilateral relations between the Philippines and Malaysia."

ABS-CBN 2015 photo of Pamatong burning the Chinese flag outside the Comelec Building in Intramuros

Posted on the Facebook page "President Pamatong Supporters", Pamatong, while denouncing Malaysia’s continuing invasion of the State of Saba, Pamatong was seen burning a Malaysian flag .

"Malaysia strongly condemns such act and views the burning of their flag as a serious incident. The flag is a sacred national symbol and should be treated with respect," its statement reads.

Pamatong has also been accused of allegedly masterminding a foiled bombing at the International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

He was suspended from practicing law by the Supreme Court in 2016 for slander.

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