• 06/17/2019
  • 06:43 AM
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DATA released by the Philippine Statistics Authority revealed that fish production in Guimaras province for the second quarter of 2018 decreased by 15.17 percent with an estimated output of 2,102.33 metric tons, lower than the production in the same quarter last at 2,478.24 metric tons.

The reduction was noted in both municipal and aquaculture sub-sector due to wider zone covered by marine protected areas (MPAs) and strict implementation of the local government unit (LGU) against illegal fishing activities such as the use of active gears and spear fishing with compressors.

Aquaculture harvest in Q2 2018 dropped by 18.91 percent which recorded production at 572.98 metric tons, lower than its 706.58 metric tons production in Q2 2017 due to scarcity of planting materials for seaweeds and limited fingerlings/fry of milkfish for stocking.

Likewise, Municipal fisheries production declined by 13.68 percent in Q2 2018 with 1,529.35 metric tons output, lower than its 1,771.66 metric tons production in Q2 2017 and even lower in the 1,829.46 metric tons in the same quarter of 2016.

Municipal fisheries production by major species in the province, 2nd quarter (2018 vs 2017):

  • Milkfish (bangus), 440.83 metric tons, diminished by 6.53 percent
  • Anchovy (dilis), 158.91 metric tons, gained by 28.73 percent
  • Fimbriated sardines, 158.65 metric tons, down by 8.70 percent
  • Cavalla, 107.86 metric tons, cut down by 15.32 percent
  • Tamban (Indian Sardines) 103.03 metric tons, contracted by 24.81 percent,
  • Snapper, 66.82 metric tons, dropped by 19.88 percent
  • Spanish mackerel (Tanigue), 58.67 metric tons, decreased by 15.36 percent
  • Hairtail, 57.04 metric tons, 12 percent fall off
  • Slipmouth, 50 metric tons, 74.69 percent increase
  • Siganid, 47.39 metric tons, went down by 38.79 percent

Municipal fisheries production includes fish catch in the inland bodies of water such as, rivers, lakes, dams, marshes, among others. 

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