• 05/21/2019
  • 04:53 PM
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MAKATI CITY – Makati City is optimizing modern tools of technology in a move to ensure faster response and greater transparency in its programs and services.

Makati City Mayor Abigail Binay reported that traffic officers of the city Public Safety Department (PSD) are using 180 units of body-worn cameras wherein the location of traffic officers wearing them can be identified, thus facilitating strategic personnel deployment during critical operations.

“The city government has invested in high-tech live video recording and wireless transmission equipment for traffic management and related operations of PSD to ensure faster response and prompt action during emergency situations, including road accidents and crimes in progress,” Mayor Abby said.

Each camera comes with a built-in microphone, at least 32-gigabyte (GB) built-in TF memory, and 3G/4G real-time transmission, among other features.

British company Digital Barriers developed the body-worn camera and wireless transmission system. It is widely used in Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

“Aside from deterring our enforcers from engaging in any form of bribery and corruption, the body-worn cameras will also clearly show whether or not an apprehension has been done correctly,” Binay noted.

The mayor noted that cases of motorists accusing enforcers of abusive behavior can be quickly confirmed or disproved since operators at the command center are able to see exactly what is being seen by their colleagues on the field.

She also cited the system’s potential as a feedback mechanism on the health and safety risks faced by both motorists and PSD personnel, which can eventually be considered in policy-making and crafting of road safety interventions.

The Makati Command Control and Communications Center (C3) currently serves as the command and monitoring station for traffic-related operations facilitated by the body cameras.

The group is responsible for the live monitoring of the cameras, which allows real-time video streaming of the body cameras worn by field personnel deployed to various parts of the city.


On the other hand, a dedicated PSD office houses the docking stations and the web-based storage server of the body cameras.

Once the body camera is returned to the docking station, recorded videos are automatically downloaded to the Video Vault, a secure web-based evidence management system which allows authorized operators to manage, edit, and share footage through any computer, smartphone or tablet device.



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