• 02/20/2019
  • 03:59 PM
League Online News


Nothing can make a policeman become strongly committed to the ideals the police force stands for than a commitment made by police hierarchy to organize a Church wedding never done before in a Catholic chapel inside a police compound, Mandaue City Police Office Director Julian Entoma was quoted as saying.    


            16 couples among the members of the Police Regional Office-7, including Entoma and his wife, underwent a Church wedding at the St. Ignatius chapel inside Camp Sergio Osmeña, PRO-7.


            The mass wedding was at the behest of PRO-7 Director Chief Supt. Dibold Sinas, who said it was his traditional practice to make his fellow police officers and men get an official wedding ceremony.


            The mass wedding of police officers and men coincided with the PNP’s 28th founding anniversary last Feb. 11.


            PRO-7 took care of the wedding expenses including amenities which included the sumptuous wedding reception, Php5,000 for each couple, a three-day vacation leave for their honeymoon and free hotel accommodation.

            Many wanted to stand as sponsors, among whom were Chinese Consul General Jia Li, Deputy PNP Chief for Operations Francis Gamboa and Director Sinas.

            Sinas said under his helm, he cannot allow those under him not without a Church blessing when they claim they are married. “It has been my conviction and belief,” he added.

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