• 06/20/2019
  • 09:51 AM
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The prestigious Miss Teen Philippines 2019 pageant rounded up on Sunday the pre-qualifying finals across the country via selecting six young beautiful aspirants from the National Capital Region (NCR)—joining the 26 representatives of the other region clusters which all will compete for the crown of the next Miss Teen Philippines 2019.

The 25 contestants of the Miss Teen Philippines 2019. (Photo by: Nicole Zaide/LON)


NCR unveils finest young ladies

Held at the Events Center, SM Southmall Alabang–Zapote Road, Almanza, Las Pinas City, 25 teens braved their way to prove they have beauty and poise—especially wisdom and understanding on the societal transitions affecting the youth.

The NCR pre-qualifying candidates bested one another in cocktail wear competition and question-and-answer portion.

The top six candidates of NCR which will compete for the Miss Teen Philippines 2019 coronation night on May 8, 2019, at New Frontier Theatre. (Photo by: Nicole Zaide/LON)

In a tight battle, six candidates were adjudged as the finest: Allison Pineda, Treisha Rovero, Bea Bianca Racelis, Aira Marie Gloria, Sarah Joffe and Princess Kein Guanzon.

In the question-and-answer portion, the winners gave their best take on questions reflecting their roles as youth leaders in the age of social media.

Pineda, 16 years old of Las Pinas City had the fiercest answer reflective of her confidence joining the pageant. “I wear my scars like medals,” she said.

Rovero, 18 years old of Pasig City said that a woman is more than just an epitome of beauty. She said when asked what is the contribution she could make as a woman in society today, “Start with simple things. On the big things, we should start with ourselves. If we are to empower women, we should empower ourselves first.”

While Racelis, 16 years old of San Juan City, had been asked one of the contemporary problems the youth are facing and on how she should help—if she is to console a friend that is being bullied:

“I would tell her to listen to herself only and be positive at all times. She should always remember that she can make herself stronger by believing in herself and not minding the others.”

Allison Pineda is seen here in bright smiles, after being conferred as one of the NCR representatives for the Miss Teen Philippines 2019 pageant. Together with her is one of the judges, top publicist and LON managing editor, Sam Hormillosa, and Miss Teen Philippines manager, Ms. Ritchie Ocampo. (Photo by: Nicole Zaide/LON)

The judges of the NCR pre-qualifying finals were esteemed beauty pageant winners, actresses and publicists, namely: Sam Hormillosa, Josephine Canonizado, Sandra Saifert, Regine Angeles, Marc Ramos, and Hubert Caoile.

The MTP 2019 coronation night is set on May 8, 2019, at New Frontier Theatre.



ERRATUM: The League Online News editorial team has corrected the age of Ms. Allison Pineda. In the publication of the article online, dating April 08, 2019, Pineda has been mentioned older than her legal age—which should not be. The team owes up to the mistake and has corrected the information. Ms. Pineda is 16 years old as of this writing.


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