• 07/21/2019
  • 09:27 AM
League Online News


MUNTINLUPA CITY – The Muntinlupa City government denounced circulating news of the euthanasia of 35 impounded dogs in its animal pound which was scheduled on Tuesday.


“There is no such schedule. The local government also refutes rumors of incineration of said stray dogs as claimed in messages posted in social media because we do not have a crematory machine at the present,” the local government said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.


The local government is urging the public and the media to refrain from sharing such an unverified news as it did not reflect the true scenario on how it handles impounded animals in compliance with existing laws.


Muntinlupa LGU, through the Office of the City Veterinarian (OCV), enforces dog impounding activities to eliminate the spread of animal rabies that poses a threat to public health as part of the National Rabies Prevention and Control Program.


OCV follows standard procedures in animal pounding as prescribed by the law. It also accepts abandoned and neglected dogs on the streets and voluntary surrenders.


It also implements a rehabilitation program for impounded dogs to prepare them for adoption. Some stray dogs are trained to become therapy dogs and members of the local Search and Rescue K-9 Unit.


While most of adopted dogs are puppies, the adoption rate for other dogs is very low. The Muntinlupa Animal Pound (MAP) is open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for those who want to adopt.


Muntinlupa residents are given priority in adopting impounded animals in MAP. This policy helps OCV monitor the status of adopted pets if they are given utmost care. OCV wants to ensure that adopted pets are well taken care of.


Conformably with Muntinlupa City Veterinary Code (Ordinance 17-080) and Republic Act No. 9482 or known as the Anti-Rabies Act, impounded dogs are held within the prescribed period in MAP or for until two weeks and stray dogs, those carrying contagious diseases, that are not claimed during the holding period are humanely euthanized.


OCV uses sedative, anesthesia and magnesium sulfate for euthanasia.


Burial has been OCV’s means of disposal. MAP burial site is slowly being saturated so OCV is in the process of procuring a crematory machine which will address the issue and at the same time help in keeping the environment clean and safe.


With regard to a photo of a cremation machine in MAP, it was used for a demonstration since we are in the process of selecting. It is scheduled for a pull out on June 18.


The city government explained that the cremation process of animals is the same with humans. It is the cadaver (dead body) that is put inside the machine and not live dogs. OCV does not burn animals as a form of euthanasia.


The local government emphasizes that animal welfare is a shared responsibility. The city government is inviting animal welfare groups, the public, and other stakeholders, to join in the local government’s initiatives towards responsible ownership.

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