• 05/19/2019
  • 09:33 PM
League Online News


Manila Water Company reminded the public on Friday in a press conference to be mindful on what they post in social media for it might be false information in connection with the water crisis currently happening within Metro Manila.


According to Patrick Ty, Chief Regulator of Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS), the water concessioner came up with three short-term solutions to prevent the water dilemma from happening again. One of this is the Cardona Water Treatment Plant in Rizal that would tap water from Laguna Lake which would be energized within the month. Ty said that it would give an additional 10 mld in the current supply. The second option is to consult the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) in order to tap various deep wells. Third, is to secure the deal with Maynilad about sharing 50 mld water supply.


Manila Water clarified the bypass is always open because that is where they get their 1,600 MLD water supply. Ty denied the news circulating in social media saying he was the one who ordered the closure of the bypass.

Using the current infrastructure, Angat Dam has been supplying Metro Manila with 4,000 mld where Manila Water gets about 2 percent or 1,600 mld while Maynilad gathers the 60 percent which is around 2,400 mld. Unfortunately, due to the capacity of the tunnel in Angat Dam even if the concessioners wished to add more only 4,000 mld can be accommodated.


Ty urged the public to stop finger pointing and find a solution because it everyone’s responsibility to save water. (CHAY ALDAY/LEAGUE ONLINE NEWS)

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