• 05/26/2019
  • 06:52 AM
League Online News


MANILA – Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is being called out by various political groups, and supporters of defeated poll bets on multiple problems of the recently held 2019-midterm elections had. One is National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) citing the governmental poll body for “disclosure of full details of the problems encountered with the automated election.”

As of this writing, the local election-count had already been over, while the senatorial election is still at 96% in its count, partially and unofficially.

NAMFREL recalled that they have “been witnesses to the many problems that attended the conduct of the midterm elections on May 13, 2019.”

The problems are vote counting-machines (VCMs) breaking down, malfunctioned, corrupted SD cards, and the Voter Registration and Verification Machines being problematic in pilot areas.

NAMFREL committed that they have yet to determine the full impact of those problems on the voters, especially in remote areas of the country.

In a statement, NAMFREL said, “The transparency server data outage on the night of Election Day was worrisome for stakeholders, especially among candidates, causing them to wonder the possibility of data manipulation. The data outage cast doubt on the integrity and credibility of election results.”

With four top highlighted points, NAMFREL had emphasized the call “on COMELEC to fully disclose and explain the “transmission router” or the “meet-me-room” network set up, how it operates, and who are behind its operations; Lift the veil of secrecy and let the people know.”

As the COMELEC wraps up the mid-term 2019 elections with the senatorial poll count, there has been no direct statement yet from the poll body on these allegations.

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