• 06/27/2019
  • 08:51 PM
League Online News


MANILA – The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) led a massive cleaning and clearing operations at Estero de Magdalena in Tondo, Manila.

A tributary of the Pasig River system, Estero de Magdalena has been the focus of the clearing, relocation, clean-up operations and public information campaigns of the PRRC due to the alarming volume of solid wastes clogging the said waterway.

PRRC has been spearheading joint inter-agency massive clean-up drives to significantly improve the water quality of the waterway while rehabilitating its riverbanks.

Furthermore, slope protection along the estero has already started as part of the linear park development.

But despite the regular clean-up operations and development of the linear park, the PRRC received reports that an alarming volume of wastes recurred at Estero de Magdalena, delaying the development projects in the estero including the widening of the river, bank improvement, dredging and linear park development.

This prompted PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio Goitia ordered to fast-track the cleaning and clearing operations.

Goitia also emphasized the duties and responsibilities of respective barangay officials toward the solid waste management in their barangays as well as the sanctions awaiting them for neglect of duty.

Between November 2015 and July 2018, the commission has already transferred 1,049 Informal Settler Families (ISFs) out of the target 2,015 to various relocation sites in Bulacan and Cavite in order to start the construction of the P17-million Estero de Magdalena linear park development.

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