• 02/21/2019
  • 11:53 PM
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PHOTO CAPTION: PCW Executive Director Emmeline Verzosa speaks about the situation of violence against women and their children in the Philippines during the orientation on the national mapping of VAWC services for the Province of Iloilo in Casa Real de Iloilo


Stakeholders from government, non-government and civil society organizations gathered in Iloilo City recently to identify the services they provide for the recovery of victim-survivors of violence, especially for women and their children.



The activity is part of the orientation on the national mapping of violence against women (VAW) services, programs and facilities to establish an integrated referral system in the country.


It is organized by the Inter-Agency Council on Violence against Women and their Children under the Philippine Commission on Women, in cooperation with the Gender and Development Office of the Province of Iloilo.    


The VAWC service map is like a resource directory that stipulates the contact details and procedure in availing the required services, according to PCW Executive Director Emmeline Verzosa.   


Once produced, the map will guide the VAWC desk officers in the barangay on where to refer victims seeking aid and to improve the information campaign of these available services.


The service map for the creation of an integrated VAWC referral system is one of the key recommendations in the strategic plan of the Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children for 2017-2022.


Aside from Republic Act 9262, the mapping will also include the services related to RAs 8353 and 8505 (Anti-Rape Law and Rape Victim Assistance and Protection Act), RAs 9208 and 10364 (Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act and Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, RA 7877 (Anti-Sexual Harassment Act), RA 9995 (Anti-Photo and Video Voeurism Act, RA 9710 ( Magna Carta of Women), RA 7610 (Special Protection of Children against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination), RA 9775 (Anti-Child Pornography Act, and Articles 336 (Acts of Lasciviousness) and 334 (Concubinage) of the Revised Penal Code.     


In 2017, province reported 31 cases of rape, two cases of incestuous rape, four cases of attempted rape, 46 cases of acts of lasciviousness and one sexual harassment, according to PCW.


It also has 619 VAWC cases, 441 of which were related to physical abuse and 157 for psychological abuse.   


Surveys conducted by PCW also show that one in four women age 15-49 have experienced any form of physical, sexual or emotional violence by their current or most recent partner.


And one in three women who have experienced physical or sexual violence sought help to stop the violence.


Verzosa said we should not be complacent in our campaign to end violence against women and their children since there still others who are not aware of their rights and the services available for them should these rights were violated.


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