• 07/24/2019
  • 09:06 AM
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PDEA-7 Director Wardley Getalla

People in the higher echelon of society are the usual target markets for party drugs.

This is according to Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-7 director Wardley Getalla in a news forum. He admitted his agency and the local police are facing difficulty in getting through exclusive groups of rich young people who resort to using party drugs.

At the same time, PDEA-7 authorities alleged the party drugs are usually imported from Europe, notably the Netherlands. This shipment, Getalla said, comes under the guise of some prescribed drugs.

“In our data, we learned there are European chemists whose specialization is to produce drugs which eventually turn out to be the ones used by the young rich people during their exclusive parties,” PDEA-7 head said.

Once these drugs get in the country, they find it hard to trace their whereabouts as these commodities go to high-end places where a select few among “the rich and the mighty” are exclusively gathered together.

“The customers of these items are within a closely-knit circle of friends among the well-off in society,” PDEA-7 director Getalla said. He said this is one of the challenges their agents are facing in their operation against illegal drugs.

It was learned that young party goers take these drugs “because these sort of enhance the desire for instant satisfaction and enjoyment,” he said. This of course, he said, is dangerous as this party drug is mixed with some chemicals that one cannot stand and hold on for so long.

To recall, a 19-year old girl died during an alleged concert last January 19 this year due to an alleged overdose of a kind of party drug.

Police Supt. Royina Garma, Cebu City Police Office director, admitted there is need for the police force to improve its intelligence work.

She again made another call on the public to immediately report to the police any attempt to merchandise party drugs so the police can make the proper arrest of persons involved in the illegal trade. (LON Visayas Bureau)

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