• 07/19/2019
  • 10:49 PM
League Online News


New types of party drugs have entered the country, according to Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Central Visayas (PDEA-7).

This is the reason why PDEA-7 persuades the masses to take notice the drinks or anything they intake in public gatherings or bars.

In an interview with PDEA-7 director Atty. Wardley Getalla, public are advised to be cautious on the drinks they were given in bars and if they find any suspicious activity they should report it immediately to the authorities. He said that one of those drugs came from United States of America which is called strawberry meth. Getalla revealed the metamphetamine drug is usually presented to innocent victims since it can be mixed with different colored juices especially strawberry drinks.

The PDEA director disclosed about ecstasy not often handout in pure form due to numerous experiments and concoctions it already encountered. He added that the drugs were mixed with other ingredient so each of them would have different effect on the body. There are kinds of ecstasy which increases sexual activity but it also depends on the metamphetamine.

Getalla noted that when non-user who suddenly partake the drug has higher tendency to pass away because of overdose seeing that the body is not used to being subjected to drugs or any drug mixture. He pointed out, people who were overdosed by drugs experience increase in heart rate and blood pressure that leads to cardiac arrest.

Getalla reminded the public to avoid accepting anything from strangers as much as possible or to those who uses drugs to prevent being victimized.

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