• 02/21/2019
  • 01:07 AM
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BACOLOD City – Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr said that the “Dog and Cat Welfare Ordinance of Bacolod City” has been approved on third and final readings.

The Sanggunian Panlungsod (SP) approved the measure during their regular session on Nov. 26, 2018.

Gamboa said it aims to protect animals from abuse and cruelty, to promote the right to health of the people and to safeguard the public from possible animal hazards.

The ordinance shall be enforced and implemented by the duly authorized officers of City Health Office (CHO), City Veterinary Office (CVO), City Legal Office, and/or of the duly authorized personnel of the Barangay concerned after attending the educational training and seminar given by authorized office – an empowerment of the City Government of Bacolod to regulate the keeping of domesticated animals and to control stray and ownerless animals especially the dogs and cats.

Gamboa, who is the main author of the ordinance, also said that it strictly provides a maximum number of four per household for dogs and/or cats or not more than eight pets; puppies and kittens less than four month old shall not be counted.

More than eight pets are allowed by the ordinance provided that the household has a good space secured by a closed fence and the vaccination requirements has been complied and that all animals shall be kept in a sufficient space appropriate for them especially if it is in cage or kennel.

The newly approved ordinance likewise provides that every pet owner will be required to have their dog and/or cat vaccinated with Anti-Rabies Vaccines and to ensure that all dogs and cats in the City are properly immunized, registered and wear the issued tag always while in public places.

The “Animal Tag,” according to the ordinance is a plastic or metal tag permanently hanging around the neck of each registered dog or cat issued by the City Veterinarian Office labeled with such information or serial numbers that would exactly and clearly identify the pet animal.

An "Animal Identification Card" on the other hand is an identification card issued to pet owners by the City Veterinarian Office attesting the he or she is the owner of the pet in the photo therein with his and his pet name, address and contact number, animal tag number and/or serial number, pet distinctive identification mark, last date of vaccination and any other information that the City may be found reasonable to include therein; in case of death of the animal, it shall be returned to the City Veterinarian Office.

The ordinance aims to properly implement Republic Act 8485 (Animal Welfare Act of 1998) as amended by RA 10631 and RA 9482 (Anti-Rabies Act of 2007).

It stipulates that “all cats and dogs shall be registered with the City Veterinarian Office after they reach three months of age and for commercial businesses of breeding, selling, vending and training of animals, they should have a valid Animal Welfare Compliance Certificate issued by the City Veterinary Office in addition to the requirements set by law, as the case maybe.”

Violators will face the following sanctions: First Offense, P1,000 fine;  Second Offense, P3,000; Third and Succeeding Offences, P5,000.

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